Kickbox is the world’s most popular enterprise innovation framework. In fact, it’s now being used by thousands of organizations all over the world.

This framework is used in such organizations as 3M, Cisco, Caterpillar, MasterCard, Swisscom, P&G, ETH, UNSW, USC, DARPA, and the United Nations. Non-profit organizations like the Peace Corps, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and Kickstart-Innovation have also explored this method.

The innovation framework was created by Adobe and it was meant for internal use only. It was used by Mark Randall, the company’s Chief Strategist and VP of Creativity, and eventually open-sourced in 2015.

Connect Enterprises decided to adopt this method, following the main guidelines and methodologies.

Since this innovative initiative had to be perfectly aligned with Connect’s Manifesto, we decided to brand this framework “Connect’s ChangeBox”. At the end of the day, we wanted to be able to use our innovation-oriented skills as well as our technical capabilities to create projects that would focus on sustainability.

Let’s see what the process was all about.

We set a specific budget for Red Boxes. Employees who showed interest in this matter applied to get one. The best applications got a Red Box. Everyone was then able to follow the framework.

Kickbox’s Redbox consists of a 6-level journey. This journey has been documented on the Level Cards document (see references below) and it effectively guided the applicants through the entire innovation process.

At this stage, Connect Enterprises allowed every single employee to pitch in, dive into this amazing opportunity, and be a part of the change. This means that - in theory - all the company’s employees were able to participate.

How was this possible?

Due to the fact that we actually split the 6 levels of frameworks into two different phases:

  • Phase 1 (Levels 1, 2 and 3): every employee was able to participate. We then selected a shortlist of only 3 candidates that were able to move on to Phase 2
  • Phase 2 (Levels 4, 5, and 6): the three awarded teams were able to go through the other levels. They each received a budget of €500 that was used to pay for any expenses. The final level (number 6) consisted of a pitch/presentation. In the end, only one team was able to win

The winning team received a €5.000 prize which was a concrete investment in its innovative idea!

We then went on and kick-started a third phase. Phase 3 was mapped out using the Kickbox framework's Blue Box, even though the concept was slightly different. Later on, we explored the differences and clarified any doubts.

Phase 3 was all about crafting the winning idea, ensuring it could be ready to be part of Web Summit’s ALPHA Program!

In order to make sure this can become a reality, the winning team has got a budget of €5.000 that will be used to invest in the product. In addition, they will be constantly supported by Connect Enterprises throughout the whole process.

Wondering about what the final product idea was? Fixbit, the fitness system for your carbon footprint that can actually help you manage your carbon footprint just like you’d manage your fitness goals.

With this device, you can start tracking your shopping and lifestyle choices just like you'd track your calorie intake or workouts.

With Fixbit, you can:

  • Get to know your carbon footprint
  • Select eco-friendly products
  • Reduce your carbon footprint like never before

Stay tuned to the social media pages of Connect Enterprises! We’ll keep you informed about news and updates related with Fixbit, ChangeBox’s winning idea.

Want to be part of Fixbit and help change the world? Check out this video and see how you can really make a difference!