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We invest in technology companies to provide services and develop new products.

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We help people to bring their ideas into real life projects through technology.

By investing in technology companies that provide services and develop new products, we are able to help the world to get better prepared for the present and future of the human interaction with technology.

We connect technology and people.

Target Markets

Latin America, USA, Germany, Italy, UK, France

Our companies

Meet the companies that can accompany you in every technology and digital need or development stage.

Edge is a Portuguese IT company with more than 10 years of experience in IT Consultancy and Innovation. Our consultants are highly skilled in order to meet our clients’ needs and help them solve any technological problem that they may face. Our technological expertise is wide and the core technologies we work with are .Net, Java, Mobile and Frontend Development technologies, Sharepoint, PHP, Scala, among others. Target Markets Looking for customers who need IT technical consultants to help develop their projects.

e.Near helps companies build and scale, high calibre, dedicated technology teams to deliver affordable and efficient IT nearshore solutions. A unique business model, that will help companies develop their IT projects, guaranteeing robust local IPR laws, healthy start-up culture, creative problem solvers and experienced technology experts. Target Markets Startups and small and medium-sized enterprises well-funded with software development needs.

ALTA is the digital one-stop shop, mastering every stage of the customer journey. We build robust products from scratch, provide end-to-end marketing solutions, and excite customer desire with creative brand design. Among other success stories, our key clients include BMW, Altice, Pfizer, Renault, Virgin, Mini, Glintt, Galp, CTT, and many other global brands. A team that has more than 15 years of experience in the digital universe, ALTA Digital values streamlined efficiency, top-notch delivery, and a customer-centered approach. Target Markets Companies looking for partners to help them conceive, launch or revamp digital products, services and touchpoints, focusing on great customer experiences, advanced technological solutions, and a tailor-made marketing strategy that grows businesses.

Heaboo is comprised of engineers and designers who develop innovative and sustainable solutions to improve water and energy efficiency in buildings. Target Markets Builders, Designers, Architects, Plumbers, Installers, Real Estate Managers.

We are a company that provides integrated management services - accounting, taxation, human resources, marketing, legal and IT infrastructures support. We aim to satisfy our customers, actively contributing to improve of their business performance. Target Markets Small and medium enterprises in the beginning of activity, that need good practices to grow their businesses. We provide qualified and experienced professionals in various sectors.

Our team believes happiness and efficiency are highly correlated and have great results on motivation, retention and fulfilment. Having nothing similar in the market even today we created the ITCup. ITCup is a process-oriented solution combining collaboration, gaming and management best practices, to make your tasks easier and more appealing. Simply map how your organization works, add participants, define priorities and let it do the management for you. Target Markets Multi sectorial platform for teams that need to improve its organization, efficiency and motivation levels.